~busy bees~

so my hubby has been gone for training and only has a little bit of time to spend at home with us before heading off again for 6mths!  while he was gone we were pretty busy….

there was a Pig Festival , a sleepover, an art class taught here in my house (which i will blog about soon), two meetings with ladies, and the annual Grill Party the neighbors have in OUR garage.  wait…. the neighbors have a party in your garage, you ask? 

yes… the first year we lived here one of the neighbors came to us and said they wanted us to know that they were having a party and that we were invited!   we so said “sehr gut! wo ist die Party?”  they said somthing we didnt understand and then brought us outside and pointed to the garage…

collagekidscastles 001 (600 x 450)

so funny….

said we have come to a party in our garage every year… they try to have it around the same time every year.  sometimes its really cold, or a little cool.  this year was the best!  hot during day and nice and warm in the evening….


Grill Party 09 010 (600 x 450)

so in the above photo, the two girls sitting in front of my camara and the lady with the bright blue shirt and the man with tan pants standing a little in front of her to the left, are the family who USED to live in our house.  they come to the party every year…. the lady in the pretty brown skirt and the lady holding the baby over on the right, are our neighbors who live in the house behind where i’m standing now. 



Grill Party 09 012 (450 x 600)

nice shot of the tables all set up and ready to go…. 🙂


Grill Party 09 014 (600 x 450)

in the photo above, the two ladies wearing peach and orangy-peach colors shirts, are mother and daughter and live in the house two down from us.  the older one (the mom) is good buddies with the older lady, whom my kids call Oma,  she is sitting next to on the bench.  Oma is our neighber who live with HER daughter and son-in-law in the house with garden you can see behind them in the photo. 


Grill Party 09 015 (600 x 450)

yummy food i didnt eat.  germans really KNOW how took the wazoo out of pork i tell you…..



Grill Party 09 017 (600 x 450)

my baby boy talking to the neighbors baby girl…. 🙂



Grill Party 09 029 (450 x 600)

i had to keep getting up because of chasing my littlest one around and what not so i was able to get some fun shots of this night…. 



Grill Party 09 046 (450 x 600)

THIS  is my landlord.  he’s awsome… i’ve heard some crazy stories of americans having a LOT of problems with their landlords, all during the 4.5 years we’ve lived here.  we are truly blessed to have not only an awsome landlord, but a landlord with a sil who works in the same job field as my hubby!    anyway, our landlord is awsome, he brings the kiddies gifts for christmas, and puts them to work when he comes here to work on the yard or whatever.   I LOVE that…



Grill Party 09 039 (450 x 600)

i will leave you with shots of the evening festivities that my oldest boy took part in with the neighbor boys. 

Grill Party 09 041 (450 x 600)


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