Veterans Day

So it’s been a long time, I know.  I have an excuse… morning sicknesss, sleepless nights, and breathlessness.  🙂 it’s all for a good cause of course….

castles 725 (600 x 450)

sorry it’s blurry… my 10 yr old took it, and i think he did a great job. 

i wanted to share what we did today…. we went to the American Cemetary in Luxembourg.  we havn’t been to any cemetaries or really any truly historical spots yet, other than castles, so it was neat.  we went for the ceremony, which was also neat. 

castles 716 (450 x 600)castles 701 (450 x 600)

castles 703 (450 x 600)


3 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Sheri! I hope you feel better soon. When are you due? Also, did the missing art journal turn up from your round robin? The pictures of the cemetery are wonderful. Oh and your son did a great job of photographing your baby bump. How sweet!

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