~ a new year ~

yeah… i’m a little late. but well i’ve had visits from family, and i’ve been pretty sick with this pregnancy. in fact my sister just left yesterday, after her visit here to germany, with her little girl. i miss my sister so much already. 🙂 we got some great quality sister time while she was here, and then of course herding around this lot:

yeah i know…. we had our hands FULL some days.  🙂  haha

we saw some sights while she was here…..

then was some silly fun…. 🙂

well i’m here to say, i’m ready to get back into some awsome things…. i’m participating in a  r e a l l y  c o o l  project   and i’m also taking an online Drawing and Painting Portraits Class by one of my favorite artists , Misty Mawn, who is also doing a month of Art Journaling!   yay….

i also have a couple of folks who have commision requests, so i’ve got some things to do.  i really havn’t been very creative since getting pregnant… just from being so sick for so long, and really unmotivated. 

i’m sure this is going to be a starting over point with my little blog here.  i’m gonna change a few things up, dust it off and just have some fun here.  🙂 

here is where new baby and i are at in looking more and more like a snowman:

oh and i did want to share this song i’ve been listening to… well just today actually.   g o h e r e


5 thoughts on “~ a new year ~

  1. So glad to hear from you! You look great. Sorry to hear that you have been so sick. Looks like you had fun with your sis. I’m going to check out your link to pennyinpocket or whatever it is called. I missed hearing from you. Take care.

    • hey! i did get that comment awhile ago from you and honestly i just havnt been on the computer muchso i wasnt able to say i’m due in May! but i feel like i’m due now. 🙂 i’m glad to be back to bloggin!

      ~Every good artist paints what he is~ Jackson Pollock

  2. is your belly button sticking out already? Also in the group car picture willy has a great look on his face. lol

    • yes my bellybuttonis out already ugh … i told you i’m huge already thats my boy… good ole willie they’re all silly kids sometimes 🙂 ~Every good artist paints what he is~ Jackson Pollock

  3. Oh, it looks like fun with your sister! Her daughter fits right in with your crew. 🙂
    I so wanted to take that Misty Mawn class. It just wasn’t the right moment. I’ll enjoy it from your viewpoint.
    Thanks for sharing the music. Love it.

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