~ snow and paint ~

its been snowing here at my house for a few days… well today it actually stopped. like no snow all day, and it melted a little. it has been snowing since last friday, everyday , off and on during the day. there was one other winter like that since we’ve lived here in Germany. i think its pretty, and love to watch it when its really coming, and boy , having kids really brings back the memories of being excited that we would get to play in it, get all bundled up, get all worn out, and eventually come in from the cold and relax.

I’ve been drawing and painting and trying new things out, and just really really enjoying the time being cooped up in the house, with art!  I actually got my oldest kid into the mood to draw and paint a little, learning new techniques with painting and drawing portraits….boys usually seem to want to draw cars, or robots, so its neat to have him join me. 

here are a couple more attempts.  i did one other one with collage and paint, but ugh… it was NOT good.  maybe it will look better tommorrow?  🙂  i plan to paint over Mr. Chaplin sometime this week.  we’ll see how that goes. 

This portrait was done with the Shiva Paint Stiks… only the piant stiks.  they are really fun to use.  painting with your fingers….


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