well actually there was a pirate parrot, but i guess the only real pirate will be the little boy who enjoys his newly painted pirate ships and treasures and islands all over the walls!

i got some awsome help from two great girls, whom are now my new partners in painting crimes across the base.

this is what we did….the customer wanted a big ship as the “headboard” for her sons bed… the rest was left up to our imaginations…..

they REALLY did most of the work.  i drew most of it in, and i helped block in the colors but they really did all the rest … oh i helped with the evil little pirate island  🙂  the customer was pleased enough to ask us to paint her teenage sons room sometime soon, AND got us a job with her friend down the street.  🙂  i’m just happy she was happy. 

my loverly assistants and i , took about 6 hours to complete the whole thing AND the extra added bonus of the pirate curtian below.  the loverly assistants also came up with the ideas for the circling sharks, crusty parrot, and various other things in BOTh murals.  I’m super excited with their help, and also in case you were wondering they’re also great babysitter.  🙂


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