anybody there??

probably not!  its been over a year since i’ve been here…..  i have a new baby in the house, G, whose 1.6 yrs old, i have moved from germany to corpus christi texas for a year, until the hubby is done with a year long tour in korea, and all of that was hard!  had a crazy hard year and half since i’ve been here!  not sure where we’re going next, we’ve been in corpus for 8 mths already!  4mths left in the year long wait.  its wicked hot here!  been to the beach a couple times…. had my bff visit, and my hubby visit, and the bonus, the icing on the cake, the REASON for moving to corpus christi of ALLLLLL places is because my little sis is here.  we found a house two streets down, and lets just say its A W S O M E! 

ive missed my little bloggy blog…. i’m not sure many people even remember me, or my art.  but that’s ok.  time to dust it off… and get back in game.  time for some awwwwwsome art! 

the NEW family pic


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