So even though I havn’t been blogging , I have still been painting… not so much once little G was born, but slowly and staggerinly more and more.  Now it’s like I can’t turn it off.  I have a lot I’m working on…. a lot of ideas.  I was working on this piece:


and was posting my progress on facebook, just messing around, and a friend saw it and snatched it up!  I’m thinking FB isn’t that bad after all…. so i have a little page dedicated to the Sheri the artist.  I’ve missed painting, and I think I had a lot stored up , ready to just poor out into this world.  I know its been missing me. 

With this piece I actually started out with a totally abtract background idea in my head…. I mean it needed to get put down on a canvas.  Literally I stopped homeschool so I could play for 30 min. on my canvas.  Then I LOVED the background and couldn’t think of what to put in the foreground…. it bugged me pretty bad. 

 Then for some reason, which is a long rabbit trail you don’t want to indulge in, I thought of tulips.  They’re one of my favorite flowers, especially after seeing so many beautiful ones at the Kukenhof in Amsterdam, Holland.  The two types I painted came from these loverly slightly blurry shots my hubby took on one of our trips there a couple years ago:


I tell you what…. that awsome bright yellow is HARD to capture!  I mean really, God is a master artist, everything in His creation is a sight to behold.   I loved these the most , and thought I’d attempt them first.  I have a few canvas left in that size and I have many tulip pictures, so I think the next couple weeks are going to be full of flower posts. 

Like I said I’ve missed blogging and plan to be here much more often!

“I perhaps owe having become a painter to FLOWERS.” ~ Claude Monet


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