I have quite a few pieces that are works in progress right now… including a mural for my daughters tumbling/cheer building!  That is fun…. I’m doing some siloughettes of kids doing flips, and cartwheels and whatnot.  I’ll try to remember to take pics of that the next time I work on it. 



This is part of a tryptich I’m working for a commision from a friend.  This will be on the side of a larger middle piece, and the other side will be exactly like this one.  I can’t wait to finish it just to see the final effect. 

I’m also working on a Star Wars themed piece for my just turned 5yr old.  He loves Darth Vadar. 

I’ve also been having a blast with my smart phone app, and taking a ton of pretty pictures, and totally messing around with them.



This is a pic my oldest took of me , and then I manipulated it with the app. 

Ive put a few of my latest things Ive been playing with on my phone on THIS PAGE HERE…. it’s time to freshen this old bloggy blog up.  I am going to try to be a little more active here… and also on FACEBOOK.  You can scoot right on over there and LIKE my page …. if you want to….

I saw this BLOG POST today

I think THIS CHICK rocks

Joined THIS GROUP recently

and I’ll leave ya with a cool little ditty




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