Painting for fun


I haven’t had muchtime to paint,  just for the true fun of  it for a couple months.  The Lord is good, always, and today was no exception.  There was nowhere to go, no pressing appointments, we finished homeschooling (somewhat), and the baby was just down for her nap….. TIME to PAINT! 

It’s hard to paint at night all the time, every week, for me these days, because I get up so early to run/workout.  I WANT to paint everyday…. everyday.  Plus just doing this whole “thing” alone for a year takes it out of me quickly before the week is up.  Anyway, if the mood strikes, and the kids are happy or napping, then I love to plunge right into paints and papers and stamps and stencils.  Ahhhhh…..

The above photo I took with my phone, which turned out a bit nicer then the one below with my camara, BUT the lighting is nicht gut in this house, especially after the sun goes down, and I will always and forever say it’s wicked hard to take good pictures of your art!  I mean a great picture, where you can see the real colors, and get the gist of the piece.   The colors look more like the phone/camara picture then this one:

I had a lot of fun playing around with this piece, and I’m not quite done yet.  I still want to fiddle with her eyes, and hair, and maybe add a flower or some other doodles.  I think every once in awhile, I just need to play.   To read a few art books, doodle a bit, slap some colors down, and then pull it all together, whatever has influenced the creative flow from day or week, and get it all out on canvas.


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