It’s been awhile, but I’m back. I miss this. I’m no writer, but it still feels good to just ramble sometimes.
I have been through some things, some bad, good and ugly.
This may or may not be the place for the ugly, but if it is, it will be through art and photography. Through the healing process I’ve needed for a long time coming.


I’ve been working on me in many aspects. Mobile photography has been a quick easy fix for me this last couple years. No mess, no fuss. Just snap and edit.


Whether it’s a sunset sky, or an edit with other elements added in, it’s been an enjoyable process of learning apps, filters, and a lot of the same elements applied to painting.


This is my first new painting of the new year.
It’s very special to me. I woke up one morning early in this brand new year and just needed to paint it out. It was painted over a little here and there, but I finally have it where I love it, after a months work. It has many meanings and a heck of a lot of symbology for me. More than any piece I’ve made before.
It means starting over, starting fresh, starting again with parts of the old me blending with the new me.


3 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. This painting is stunning. And I’m so happy you’re blogging again!! Cheers to that starting over, starting fresh, starting again moment in life!

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