I have issues. I mean….I am still working out some self confidence type things. I am trying to see me…with my own eyes. Or maybe the way God sees me.


Trying to see that way is probably impossible. I know God doesn’t want us to talk down to ourselves, belittle ourselves, doubt our gifts etc. He wants us to love ourselves, love what He made us into. His image. He created us. Are we like a WIP?


I think so. I feel that way. Like a piece of clay that was lovingly molded and shaped to be one thing. ..but it cracked and crumbled under the wrong hands. And now…now I want God to make me into something new.


Take this raw hunk of bits and pieces. .make it over. Make it again. Make it new.
I love and hate selfies. I love when people share the raw THEM. The real them. I hate bathroom selfies, or half necked selfies.
I want to see the real you…and I want see the real me. Raw…


I have a ways to go. I’ll get there. With God on my side, how can I go wrong?

Be beautiful. … be you


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