Folk Art

I have been participating in an online workshop with one of my all-time favorite artists Msity Mawn. 12 weeks of just what the doctor ordered.
One of our assignments was Folk Art.


This clay creation was so fun and I’d like to do more. I was originally going for something else, but this little figure in a hood and cloak emerged.


Getting a helping hand whilst drying. 🙄
That head was heavy, and actually aided in creating most of the wrinkles in the cloak.



So Lil Red was born out of that lump of clay. I like her. She might not be totally traditional folk art, but she’s a cutie. Blendingthecolors style folk art.
I also made a lil pyrography piece. 


Still going with my peacock theme. This was so much fun to create. I forgot how much fun pyrography is. Found a wicked skilled artist on instagram whose style reminds me of street art and involves a lot fantasy.  He has created some amazing piecee with pyrography and just a little paint.
Anyway, I digress.  I also started out this folk art inspired piece…


I really liked the background, but there were things about that just bugged me. I needed to change it up somehow. It wasn’t speaking to me in any way. My eyes just kept looking at the purty background instead of taking the whole piece in. Here is how I’m progressing with the change up…


I like this lil guy much better. Still planning on a few tweaks, and cleaning it up a bit here and there. I added some iridescent ink to the bird itself, and the stars/snow that make up the background.
This may morph a little more, but the point is I’m having a blast exploring MY style and MY art again.

Be beautiful….be You


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