Making of a selfie

I’m not sure how much interest there will be in this #selfie stuff.
I have been making selfies for a little over 3 yrs now.
There are several reasons, some of which are the fact that the situation I’ve been enduring for the last serval yrs has caused me to stop seeing me…the real me. I’ve been seeing myself through someone else’s eyes. That is not cool.

So on with the explanation already.


This is the raw image I chose. Many times if you’re seeing a selfie posted to my Instagram then I was most likely having a day…whether it be good or bad, it was a day.


Picking a background to blend into the portrait using PicSayPro. There is an option to add a photo to your original and once you’ve chosen one you can then erase or blend back in what you want from that second photo.


Lightened up a bit in Vscocam. This is app is nice. Very dreamy options for filters.


I then passed it to three more apps. Superphoto gave it a painterly feel. That is the only filter I used in that app. Then into PicSayPro again to add the flower. Same thing as before I just added a photo of a flower and erased out what I didn’t want from that shot. Then into Decosketch, one of my favorite apps. I used this app to add those little octagon shapes and drips.


I then took ot over to Repix to sharpen up some areas making them more painterly amd also using the charcoal and drip tools in a few areas. Then took it back to PicSayPro to make a few color splash areas.



Finally in my other favorite app, Snapseed, I added a couple retro filters. I liked both of these finished edits but have only shared the last one.

Selfies don’t have to be a negative thing. For me they are therapeutic. They mark a moment in time I want to remember. They are just one more way to express myself.

Be beautiful
Be you


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