God lead the way

When things get tough it’s hard to remeber who is really in control. You get tunnel vision, you get those blinders on and all you can see is the problem…the negatives.


A few things have happened to me lately trying to knock me down. Sometimes when things like this come in 3’s (or 4’s) I get that tunnel vision and start to get anxious.  What is going on? Why can’t I catch a break? Why can’t I just have no fear?


We’re all bound to fall at some point. We don’t have to be… no… we are not all alone. There is someone there waiting to pick up the pieces. Waiting to pick you up. Ready to help you keep on going on.


It might not always feel like He’s there. It might feel like your on a rickety old raft in the middle of the ocean, alone. Don’t know what to do next.
But you know? He is there. To guide you. To lead the way.


“Chibuzo”~God leads the way
Mixed media

Be beautiful
Be you


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