Printing art

I made a leap of faith.
I believe in myself at this point in my art career. I love where my style is going. I can’t wait to see where I go next with it.
I decided to go to a local print company, recommended to me by the awesome folks in my local art league.
Made that leap of faith and had a few of my recent pieces printed on quality papers and stretched canvas.










{Ever looking back}

Once I recieve the scans I plan to upload those to my redbubble store . There you can get stickers, throw pillows, t-shirts…just about anything. 
I’ve been reading several articles on artists and how they loathe self-promotion. I get it…
You feel conceited maybe? That ME monster rears it’s ugly head, possibly?
But if you believe in what you’re making amd want to share it, there are self-sacrifices you have to make I think.
Thus blogging for me, a non-writer, a fan-page on FB, instagram gallery…and etc are where I’m at and where I’ll get better with my self-promotion.

Also sharing…


Tamed my crazy mane, and cracked that back… #standingtaller

Be beautiful
Be you


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