Step by step…sort of

Been wicked busy. Getting used to the new job. Learning boundaries on a whole new level with this job, but feeling extremely blessed to have it. Awesome bosses, awesome co-workers, and for the MOST part awesome customers.

So lately, finding a daily balance to be me and do ME can be difficult. My kids are priority one. I know though, I need to take care of me to take care of them. Haven’t had the time or energy to run, but found some snippets of time to finish up this giant piece.







A little over 2 weeks of work. 3ft x 2ft or thereabouts. Wish I could have worked on it all in one sitting. I love it. I’ve been having a blast working in these über bright colors. I love these two main colors together. Pyrolle Red and Teal. 💙💝

I think she will have to go on the wall in the gallery. Her and the peacock. ..

Be beautiful
Be you


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