It’s been a minute, I know, since I’ve come here. Such is life, it can get a little crazy, and drag your focus away from your passions.
Writing is not my passion, but art is. Maybe I keep myself away from here, because I’m not confident in writing about how what I love to do makes me feel.
Lately I’ve not felt like creating anything. I go through these stages, or bumps in the creative road often these days. I know once life feels settled and safe, and less fractured and tenuous, I’ll feel like I can breathe a little easier. Then all of these ideas swirling round my imagination can find a home on paper or canvas.
Sometimes though, I try to push myself through and I’ll play around with charcoal.


In highschool (and my 3 mths of college) I didn’t ever have any assignments using charcoal. I remember my Grandmother gave me some pastels and charcoals to play around with FOR college, and I did but just never really tried anything with them. Like a finished piece. I’ve drawn in pencil since I was a kid, and continued all through life thus far. I recently took a couple online classes and charcoal wad a medium used in some lessons.



I know now, that I love this medium, and I believe it shows in my finished pieces.
So this post was mainly to share some progress shots of my current work in progress. I’m not sure what I’m calling her yet. Maybe I’ll know when she’s done.




Be beautiful
Be you



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