How to paint the Unfinished Portrait

I don’t know why, but I love art that looks unfinished. Art that when you look at it you  have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps and spaces.
I especially love to see artists share their progress shots, which is why I always share my #wip work-in-progress shots :




I’m not sure if it’s just because daydreaming is what helps me to figure out what I’m trying to put down on that paper/canvas, or I like to interpret art in my own way, but seeing the process is exciting because you never truly know where a piece might go.

This portrait actually has many layers of other paintings underneath, a tree, a still life of flowers, and Alice in Wonderland theme, etc. etc
Finally I put this half finished face on it, and it sat there for months:


Eventually I saw what I wanted to do to it and added things here and there:


I finished her up recently,  and decided to enter her in a contest. That was scary. To put myself out there like that. Plus as a starving artist, it sucks a little when you have to pay to enter these things, but I believe in me and what I’m doing.
If I don’t show myself that, nobody else will.
This piece is called “Tell Me”
16×24 on board


I truly love the colors in this. That turquoise is my fav of late. Mainly because I have a huge tub of it.
We’ll see what happens with that contest. Even if I don’t win, I am proud of myself for trying.
Be beautiful
Be you


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